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Wellness is not a concept that should only be applied at an individual level. Wellness is a continuous process that should be offered to all people regardless of physical or emotional circumstance. It should be a cooperative effort to helping people improve all five dimensions of being: physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual. It is our aim to facilitate that on all levels, to all people.

Core Wellness Centre strives to be a unique integrated Wellness Centre.  What  makes us different is our focus on health, wellness and clinical integration. Our goal is to bridge the gap between fitness, wellness and medicine allowing for a true continuum of care with the support of physicians, medical professionals, therapists and instructors. This combination of professional expertise enables clients to recapture or progress their health with  appropriate guidance from  our team of experts. Core Wellness Centre aims to create a positive atmosphere for anyone and everyone that comes to the Centre.

The Core Wellness Team come together to provide you with a holistic approach to personal wellness at a positive, fun, supportive, interactive Centre. Our team support you and each other to provide a multidisciplinary approach to healing, growth and goal achieving for all stages of development.  

Facility Hours: Vary according to the service please call reception to book an appointment or class.

Reception hours: 7.30am - 5:00pm 


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